Friday, November 6, 2009

15 signs that your bored.

15 signs that your bored and life getz hopeless.....

1. you feel the four walls are closing in on you.
2. you go on facebook, msn, blogging and ym every single day of your life.
3. you ask yourself stupid questions like: "when will i get married?", " how tall is the eiffel tower?", "what did einstein do in his spare time, etc.
4. you start calling your friends up and saying, "oops, sorry, wrong number..!!"
5. you wake up really late and back to sleep really early.
6.when you've watched the same tv programme over and over.
7.when you walk up and down in the living room thinkin wat to do....

critical stages...: *especially when your my friends*

8. you start picking up that broom and cleaning up your room....
10. when you lie down and laugh for no reason.
11. when you start making prank calls.
12.when u start making appointments when u know you cant make it...
13. you start trying out all those clothes in your cupboard.
14. when you start getting stupid ideas like to run an the street half naked.


GOOD LUCK to all those SPM students after your SPM....
you'll get so bored.. u'd wanna go mad, shit bricks, jump from the canyons, and play dead.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Argh........ uniten uniten uniten!!!!!!!!
NOt bad only lar......
can say quite good oso.... but i miss home like crazy....
i wanna lie down on my bed....
watch my tv
use my bathroom
feel free at my home...
use my own kitchen....
i wanna see my frenz
i wanna go online wit the home stremyx whr there is no RESTIRCTIONS whatsoever....
worst of all... i miss my pillows.....
argh....... i miss those days of sleeping late and getting up late.....
chattin up to late nite...
watching THE NANNY back to back....
but now im stuck at UNITEN..... studying....
sumbody help me........
p.s.. i'm missing ma church frenz dy....


Thursday, May 21, 2009

transformers 2

Transformers 2

who wanna go watch me when it comes out!!


.a.s.t.o.n M

Aston Martin Concept.

What more can i say.

I'm in LOVE.

I wanna Get married!!

MoM!!! When i grow up i wanna get married to a Hot, Sexy, Beautiful, Confident CAR!!! or rather CARS....... One that runs on above 5.0 litre, 500bhp, 12v engine.

In that way, i can get married with a few cars, cause they wouldn't complaint of each other, nag, irritate or make you old fast. And even i f i cheat on them, THEY WOULDN'T KNOW!!!!!!!!

HECK!!!! I already have a list of my future wife's and family names.....
Lemmi list:-

-Rolls Royce
-Volks Wagen

Listed above are just the family names of my future wifes.......
you wouldn't want me list out the names of my future wifes....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So!!! sum1 one gimme a billion bucks!!!!!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009


This Blog is dedicated to a friend of mine who currently stands 155cm from ground level.

-S***h***e is her name

-Talking is her game

-Elevated a few inches from the ground it seems

-Perhaps a stool is what she needs

-Height is a factor in her daily need

-As in needing to compare with me

-Nicest person of all indeed

-I know it may not rhyme a bit, but

-Elf is what she is.

no hard feelings k.....
You know i just like to Bully you....

Monday, January 26, 2009


Where do i see myself in 15 years time??
Its a question i'm often being asked about.....
Let me start....

- in 15 years time i would be 32 years old.
- i wanna send my parents for a worldtour around the world.
- i wanna have enough money in my account to live a very comfortable lifestyle for my parents and family.
- i wanna live in a house that has enough room for my parents and my family members, a pool, and a big piece of land around the house.
- i wanna have a car collection.
- i wanna have a car garage to store up all my cars.
- i wanna make money as i sit at home.

well.... meet you in 15 years time .......

having all of the above would actually complete whateva i need.